Doug's 2011 Wildcard Run           "Two Bridges"    (aka The Really, Really, Really Long Shirt Run)
Saturday, September 10, 2011        50 Miles                 morning start                

This information is being provided for those interested in Two Bridges.  I am getting questions and
feel the need to put out a few details.  The only thing concrete here is the date and distance.  
Anything else on this page is subject to change prior to final posting of information in late July.

This will be a Mangum Track Club "shirt run."  The traditional shirt run course will be covered on the
run course but not in one segment.  We will run the last part of the shirt run by the dog pen first and
do the first 13 miles of the shirt run as the last 13 of the 50-miler.  To become a member of MTC in
this running, you must complete all the 50 miles in the format presented.   They just have to be
finished on foot all at one time.  Riding any distance in a car, on a bike, horse, moped, motorcycle,
skates or anyway that is not on the participant's feet once the run starts means no shirt.  Those
completing the shirt run course within this format become new MTC members and receive the
traditional navy club t-shirt.  Those who are already MTC members will not receive a new navy shirt.  
All finishers will receive the distinctive,tie-dyed 2011 "Wildcard Shirt"  with the event name and year.  
This event will not be timed.  There are no awards other than the shirts and results will not be
submitted to any magazines..

Shirt runs are traditionally free.  I do need to plan and buy shirts though.  For this event everyone
planning to complete the entire run and receive a shirt/shirts  will need to enter on some kind of entry
form and send in a check for $35.  Anyone completing the entire course will get a full refund at the
finish line.  The non-finishers and no shows will get no refund and thus will finance the run.  As
always, those who are already club members can come and run any part or all for free.  I only need
the entry fee from those desiring to do the entire event and receive the shirt or shirts.   I will post a link
to the entry on this website sometime in July.  

I do not plan aid stations.  I will have 2 or 3 roving vehicles on the course.  They will furnish water and
some other fluid to all participants.  Anyone paying the entry fee will have drop bag space in every
roving vehicle.  Those participating for free will be furnished fluids only.  These vehicles will probably
be pick-ups so waterproof your stuff if rain is in the forecast.  Carry a bottle.  Water availability is
limited on the course.  

Whether there will be any food at the finish is unknown.  You will finish at your car.  Bring yourself
some food and beverage for the finish.  

Again, this is preliminary information and is subject to change.  All questions should be addressed to
me at