Hot Time 100
June 27-28, 2009


1.  Joe Ninke          21:40:40
2.  Fred Dummar   27:28:27
3.  Cheryl Lager     27:49:07
4.  Jay Finkle          28:27:56
5.  Anita Finkle       31:29:29
Other combatants

Scot Hayward     79.299 miles
Scott Maxwell      72.09
Tom Gabell         64.881
Brad Smythe       50.463
Rick Gray            50.463
Chris Lowery       46.824
Will Taggart        46.824
Jeff McGonnell    43.254
Eric Fogleman    43.254
Robert Crosby    43.254
Tom Herbst         39.615
Rob Sauls           36.045
Carey Stoneking 32.406
Doug Dawkins     32.406

Gold Star
Susan Dummar  32.406 miles pacing!
My congratulations to all 5 finishers.  Their performances were amazing.  There were also outstanding efforts
by many who did not finish.  My congratulations to them as well.  The temperature in the shade of a pine tree
reached 97 degrees Saturday afternoon.  Much of the course had no shade.  Some of the course had loose
sand and it got worse as feet continued to churned it up.  It was a site to see as runners continued to push their
limits.  My thanks go to all of you who came and gave it a shot.  

Thanks too to good volunteers who counted laps, filled coolers, paced runners, loudly voiced encouragement,
and helped the runners in so many ways.

In a week or so I hope to post all the lap times.

Chuck Bingham
Rick French
Shirley Lassiter
Tony Rouse
Lisa Rouse
Corey Slightom
Rupert Medford
Greg Queen
Merrie Dawkins
Irene Russell
Susan Dummar
Marie Lewis
Bill Burns
Chris Kubiak
Kaitlyn Kubiak