The "Hot Time 100" is a 100 mile event that will take place June 27/28 near Hoffman, N.C.  Due to the
commitment and details necessary for a 100 mile event, it very possibly will be a one-time happening.  Anyone
entering should come prepared to be self-sufficient including all food and other necessities. Water and
Gatorade will be available.  Pacers and mules are permitted after the first loop but there will be no vehicular
traffic allowed anywhere on the course.  Other than the fact that 100 miles is necessary to finish, the difficulties
of this run will be heat and humidity.  Participation will be limited to 30 runners.  The only distance offered here
is 100 miles.  It's all or nothing.

The following information will be updated as details are finalized.

Course description
The course has been wheel measured.  The north loop stayed the same and the distance is 3 miles, 3011 feet
or 3.570 miles.  Tom Gabell's Garmin concurs with the wheel as he measured 3.64 miles at the same time I
wheeled it.  The south has been changed completely to avoid lots of too soft sand and horse paths.  It now
measures  3 miles, 3373 feet or 3.639 miles.  Again, Tom's Garmin clocked 3.64 miles.  The total of the two
loops is 7.209 miles, so 14 loops will be necessary to complete 100 miles and the total of 14 loops will be
100.926 miles.  We both liked the new south loop better.  It has less loose sand and is shorter making a quicker
return to the aid.  I'll mark it with extra large yellow flagging and some reflective thumb tacks.  We will have about
1/4 new moon so you will need a flashlight.

Tom Herbst ran with us Saturday.  He collected data on his GPS and provided a link to Google maps showing
the course.  Click
HERE to take a look.

Aid, etc.
Water is available on site for my use and yours too at two outside spigots.  I will keep cold water and Gatorade
prepared for everyone but you will need your water bottles.  I will have no cups for water or Gatorade.  If you
choose to run without a bottle you may bring a cup with your name on it and leave it near the fluids.  Coffee
(and cups) will be available inside the headquarters building most of the time.  I may have some food available
but you should come prepared with all your needs and not depend on the few things I may put out.  There are
two convenience stores about 4 miles from headquarters.  I do not know their summertime hours.  They have a
variety of sandwiches and pizza.  You may decide to send your handler to pick something up during the race.

I have a few volunteers lined up and will probably have three on duty at the time.  They will have various duties
such as recording your laps and keeping the fluids full and cold as well as checking the course occasionally.  
They will not have time to fill your bottles or get food for you.  Plan on doing that yourself or having a handler.

There are two bathrooms in the headquarters building.  For this event they will be unisex.  I will have to clean
them and the building before leaving Sunday afternoon.  Please keep the bathrooms nice for the next runner
and limit my clean-up job to an easy sweeping and mopping.  There is unlimited space to use the bathroom in
the woods along the course. The woods are mostly sand and pine straw, so it is easy to cover your doings by
pushing sand and straw over it with your shoe.

Motels are available in Rockingham, Ellerbe, Aberdeen, and Southern Pines.  Primitive camping (tents, pop-ups,
rv's and vehicles) is available next to the headquarters building Friday and Saturday nights.  All camping
equipment, etc. must be down and off premises by 8 p.m. Sunday.   Restrooms will be available in the
headquarters building beginning Friday evening.

I do not plan a Friday night pre-race meal.  The closest real food is either in Rockingham, Southern Pines, Pine
Bluff, or Ellerbe.  You may want to eat before you arrive or get a to go order and bring it with you.

I will be at the race site by 5 p.m. Friday and spend the night there.

I will have something for breakfast such as oatmeal, boiled eggs, bagels and coffee.  There are 2 stoves and a
microwave in the kitchen.  You are welcome to use it to prepare your own breakfast.

Start        6 a.m. Saturday, June 27, 2009               Finish       6 p.m.  Sunday, June 28
No intermediate cut offs

Directions to the start
From Hoffman, N.C. on US Highway 1 turn west at the BP station onto Caddell Road.  Go 1/10 mile and turn
right onto York Road.  York Road will become Derby Road.  Continue 3.4 miles to a sign on the left that says "J.
Robert Gordon Field Trial Area."  Turn left at sign onto dirt road.  Go 1 mile to intersection of three roads
crossing.  Two roads ahead parallel powerlines.  Take the one that parallels the left powerline.  Go 1.2 miles to
white house on right that is race headquarters.

From US Highway 220 near Ellerbe, N.C. take exit 11 from the Hwy 220 bypass.  Exit 11 is Millstone Road.  
Follow Millstone Road approximately 5.8 miles east from the 220 bypass intersection to the intersection of
Millstone Road and Ledbetter Road.  Turn left onto dirt road and go 3.1 miles to white house on left that is race

Awards and shirts
I have no plans for awards or shirts.  Participants have been divided on their desire for these items.  Feel free to
have your own shirt or award designed if you want one.

To enter call Doug Dawkins at 910-206-2095.  Do not call after 9:00 p.m.
$25 Plus the cost of any shirt or award you want

Things to know
--No littering.  If you use the bathroom in the woods kick sand and straw over it.  Gel packets and cigarette butts
are litter.  Make sure your crew/pacer knows the no litter rule.
--I will have someone recording laps but it is your responsibility to make sure it gets recorded.  Volunteers get
tired too.  Stop by each time and speak to them at the end of each loop.
--Even a cool day will be hot here.  To finish this event you will have to be smart and manage heat well.  Do you
want to go home with a fast, empty, DNF feeling or do you want to go home knowing you just finished maybe the
toughest and hottest event of your life.  There is nothing wrong with taking a break and cooling off for a while.  
Click here for June weather information.
--There will be no medical personnel on site.  One of the first signs of heat problems is not thinking clearly.
Make sure to talk with your handler(s) about heat and how it affects you ahead of time.  
--The event director (me or my designate) can stop, pause, or disqualify anyone at any time for any reason we
feel called to do so.

--Don't expect a lot from me.  I may be running.

Sponsored by
The Runners from Hell and the Phantom Trotters
Welcome to the
"Hot Time 100"

Pictures                  Fred Dummar's report          Anita Finkle's report

I would like to post reports from others.  Finishers, non-finishers, volunteers, if you write
a report on the Hot Time, I'll post it here.   If you took pictures and would like them
posted send me the link.
The Hot Time 100 is not an annual event.  It was held June 27-28, 2009 and quite
probably a one-time event.